AAG 2012 CFP ‘The Rise of the BRICS Knowledge Intensive Service Economy’

Call for Papers

AAG Annual Meeting, New York City, 24-28 February 2012

The Rise of the BRICS Knowledge Intensive Service Economy

Andrew Jones, Birkbeck, University of London, UK
Patrik Strom, University of Gothenburg, Sweden
James Faulconbridge, University of Lancaster, UK
Jon Beaverstock, University of Nottingham, UK

Debates about the rise of the BRICs economies have to date often focused on the significance of manufacturing industries. Despite some attention to the rise of financial centres in BRICs countries and the growing significance of knowledge-intensive business services (KIBS) in these economies, only limited attention has been paid to the nature and development of these leading industries in the global knowledge economy within the BRICs context. One of the key questions for economic geographers concerned with economic globalization and global corporate development is whether or not knowledge intensive service industries in BRICs countries will develop similar capacities in terms of service delivery, quality and innovation that have been central to the globalization of firms in these industries in economies of the more developed countries. The rise of globally competitive BRICs knowledge intensive service in this respect represents a significant and key challenge for advanced industrial economies in the coming decades.

This session aims to bring together research and theoretical contributions on knowledge intensive services in BRICs. Empirical and theoretical papers are welcome and contributions might include, but are not restricted to:

• Conceptual and theoretical papers that consider what is known about the nature, role and significance of knowledge intensive service in BRICs economies;
• Empirical research concerned with knowledge intensive service industries in BRICs, both in terms of domestic firms and transnational knowledge intensive firms operating in BRICs economies;
• The role of knowledge intensive business services in urban, regional or national economies in BRICs countries;
• Growth, internationalization and competitive strategies in domestic BRICs service industries;
• The nature of innovation, corporate strategy and service delivery amongst BRICs knowledge intensive service firms;
• The relationship between BRICs knowledge intensive services and other industries in BRICs economies.

Expressions of interest are welcome. Abstracts should be submitted to Andrew Jones (a.jones@bbk.ac.uk) or Patrik Strom (Patrik.Strom@geography.gu.se) by 14 September 2011.


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