Teaching updates for 2012/2013

The Teaching webpage has been updated for the upcoming Semester 1, 2012/2013.

I will be teaching GE3201 The Service Economy in Semester 1. Details are posted on the GE3201 page and on IVLE. Lecture topics and reading list are still being finalised but you should still get a good sense of what the module covers.

Some revisions for GE3201:

  • Assessment is now 60% Continual Assessment (CA); 40% final examination (open book).  CA consists of tutorial participation (10%), group project (35%) and individual report (15%).
  • An optional fieldtrip is being planned for around late-October, either to Haji Lane area (Bugis) or Little India, in the late afternoon (4 to 6pm). The fieldtrip will be limited to 25 students in order to maintain a manageable group size for a walking tour. Details are being finalised and more information (e.g. location, time, registration) will be released once confirmed.

I will no longer be teaching GE2202 Economy and Space; this will be taught by another faculty member. In Semester 2, 2012/2013, I will be teaching GE1101E/GEK1001 Place, Environment and Society.


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