CFP: Integrating finance into Global Production Networks (RGS-IBG 2013)

Call for papers: RGS-IBG Annual Conference, London, 28-30th August 2013

Session title: Integrating finance into Global Production Networks

Organisers: Neil M. Coe (National University of Singapore), Karen Lai (National University of Singapore) and Dariusz Wójcik (Oxford University).

First coined in 2002, the Global Production Network (GPN) approach has inspired a large body of literature, with several special issues of journals in geography, regional studies, and beyond. One major contribution of GPN research has been to ‘globalise’ regional development, viewing ‘the region’ as a porous territorial formation whose boundaries are transcended by a broad range of network connections. For all its success, however, the GPN approach has arguably failed to account for the role of finance – financial actors, markets, and practices – in the dynamics of the global economy and regional development. This lacuna is significant as finance is arguably even more globalised and networked than production. Finance is crucial to the GPN approach; no GPN can function without financing and financial logics permeate the entire operations of GPNs. Moreover, understanding finance is indispensable to empirical studies of GPN, especially with regards to developing measures of value creation, capture and transfer. These are core conceptual components of the GPN framework, and yet have not been fully grappled with or elucidated empirically. Integrating finance into GPN requires more than a simple extension of the GPN approach; it would also enrich it conceptually, and enable it methodologically and empirically.

The objective of this session is to bring financial geographers and geographers interested in the globalisation of production together to foster a discussion on how to integrate finance into GPN. This is a challenging task, but offers an opportunity to develop a common framework to understand the interplay and impacts of the two most important phenomena of the last 40 years – globalisation and financialisation. We welcome papers that address (but are not limited to) the following issues:

  • the networked nature of global finance and its relationship to GPNs;
  • the role of financial centres and offshore finance in GPNs;
  • equity and debt as sources of funds for GPNs and their implications for regional development;
  • the role of finance (broadly conceived to include advanced business services e.g. accounting, law, business consultancy) in the globalisation processes of GPNs;
  • finance as a driver of GPN structures and strategies;
  • financialisation of GPNs;
  • measuring value creation, enhancement, capture and transfer in GPNs;
  • corporate and macroeconomic accounting as sources of data for integrating finance into GPN.

Papers on other relevant topics are welcome as well. Please send abstracts (max 250 words) and other enquiries to Karen Lai ( by Friday 1st February 2013.


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