EAI seminar: Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing in China’s financial centre network (22 March 2013)

EAI Seminar

Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing in China’s financial centre network

上海, 北京和香港在中国的金融中心网络

Dr Karen Lai 黎碧瑶
(Department of Geography, National University of Singapore)

22 March 2013, 3:30pm-5:00pm

EAI Conference Room
NUS Bukit Timah Campus
469A Bukit Timah Road
Tower Block #06-01
Singapore 259770


Applying a network approach to the question of competition between Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing reveals distinctive spatial differentiation in the operational structures and business strategies of foreign banks in China. Contrary to popular conceptions of financial centre rivalry, these inter-city relations demonstrate a complex mix of competition and collaboration. Empirical findings indicate differentiated markets leading to the distinctive development of Shanghai as a commercial centre, Beijing as a political centre, and Hong Kong as an offshore financial centre, with all three financial centres performing distinctive and complementary roles within the regional banking strategies of foreign banks. This explains, firstly, Hong Kong’s continued dominance in the region and, secondly, reveals insights into changing inter-city relationships between these prominent Chinese cities as they develop into different types of financial centres.


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