Keynote lecture at MOE Social Studies Seminar 2013

I will be delivering a keynote lecture at the MOE Social Studies Seminar (along with Associate Professor Shandre M. Thangavelu, Department of Economics, NUS), on the topic of Singapore’s economic development. This is an invitation-only event for MOE teachers.

* * *
Social Studies Symposium
Revisiting Singapore’s Strategies for
Economic Development in a Globalising World

Venue: St Gabriel’s Secondary School
24 Serangoon Avenue 1
Singapore 556140

Date: 19 April 2013 (Friday)
Time: 2.30 – 5.00pm
Registration: 2.00pm

Keynote address: Dr Karen Lai (Geography, National University of Singapore)

Manufacturing and services as twin engines of growth: petrochemicals cluster and financial services

Since the early-2000s, Singapore has placed increasing emphasis on developing financial services and R&D capabilities in Singapore. While this shift from manufacturing to service-based economic activities reflects effort to remain relevant and competitive in the global economy, there continues to be a strong commitment to maintaining manufacturing activities (that are high value-added) as a pillar of Singapore’s long term economic growth, alongside the growing service sector. This talk will highlight two case studies of the petrochemicals cluster and financial services in Singapore. Issues such as urban development, agglomeration economies, knowledge-based economy, environmental management and security will be discussed in relation to the challenges of changing global environments.


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