Call for papers: Global Production Economies (Fourth Global Conference on Economic Geography, 2015)


Fourth Global Conference on Economic Geography, Oxford, 19-22 August 2015

Global Production Economies 

Sponsored by the Global Production Networks Research Centre at the National University of Singapore (GPN@NUS

The Global Production Network (GPN) approach is a useful analytical tool for economic geographers seeking to unpack the networked nature of the global economy. The heuristic analytical framework has, however, been criticized by some commentators as ignoring fundamental capitalist imperatives and being too all-encompassing to retain explanatory power. Important dimensions such as finance and environment are also not fully incorporated into the original framework. Methodologically, the emphasis on micro-scale processes and “ties and networks” creates difficulties for validating the GPN framework empirically other than through qualitative case studies. A convergence of quantitative analyses and case study approaches is arguably required to mitigate the potential blind spots of micro-scale analyses and to enhance the GPN framework’s explanatory power.

This theme welcomes submissions on topics including:

– Theoretical foundations of GPN analysis
§  GPNs and financial institutions (including global financial networks)
§  GPNs and environmental economic geographies
§  GPNs, the state, and politics
§  GPNS, labour and the labour process
§  GPNs, consumption, and the market
§  GPNs and uneven development
§  Alternative conceptualizations of GPNs

– Developing GPN methodologies
§  Strengths and weaknesses of case study approaches
§  Methods of mapping and visualizing ties and networks
§  Quantitative analyses: methods, validity and reliability
§  Evolutionary approaches to GPNs

Deadline for abstract submission: 30th April 2015 

Please contact Godfrey Yeung ( for further details and submission of abstract.

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