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One of my earlier papers in Geography Compass (Economic section)—”New Spatial Logics in Global Cities Research: Networks, Flows and New Political Spaces“— has been selected as one of five most downloaded papers in the journal and relaunched in a new virtual issue. In conjunction with the upcoming Fourth Global Conference on Economic Geography, the virtual issue is available for free download until 31 August 2015 so please check them out!


The editors of the Economic section of Geography Compass are pleased to present a new Virtual Issue to coincide with the Fourth Global Conference on Economic Geography in Oxford, August 19-23, 2015.
The selected articles, which represent five of the most downloaded EG Compass papers, serve as examples of the original, peer-reviewed surveys of current economic geography research published in Geography Compass by leading scholars from universities worldwide and will be freely available until the end of August, 2015.

The selected articles are:

Places of Work, Scales of Organising: A Review of Labour Geography
David Christoffer Lier
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Brand and Branding Geographies
Andy Pike

Coerced, Forced and Unfree Labour: Geographies of Exploitation in Contemporary Labour Markets
Kendra Strauss

Economic Geographies of the Global South: Missed Opportunities and Promising Intersections with Development Studies
James T. Murphy
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New Spatial Logics in Global Cities Research: Networks, Flows and New Political Spaces
Karen P. Y. Lai

Jennifer Clark and Al James
Economic Section, Geography Compass

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