Lecture at Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main (Dec 2016)

This is a long overdue post but I do wish to record my thanks to Stefan Ouma, Peter Lindner and Marc Boeckler for their kind invitation to visit the Department of Human Geography at Goethe University Frankfurt as part of their lecture series. The Winter 2016/2017 Lecture Series was titled ‘Frontier Regions of Global Finance’, featuring David Bassens (University of Brussels), Karen Lai (University of Singapore), Sarah Bracking (Universities of Manchester/Kwa Zulu-Natal), Brett Christophers (University of Uppsala) and Paul Langley (University of Durham). The lectures have been recorded and can be viewed online via: https://www.uni-frankfurt.de/55122561/2_WS1617 (Click on “Videoaufzeichnung” appearing under each talk.)

Frankfurt Lecture Series_Frontier Regions of Global Finance_Winter 2016-2017
Frontier Regions of Global Finance, Winter 2016/2017

Translation from German: 
“We live in financialized times. The wellbeing of states, companies and households as well as politics are increasingly shaped by financial markets. The financial economization of almost everything not only manifests itself in the increasing dominance of the financial sector over other domains of the economy, but also in the progressive incorporation of ever new frontier regions into global financial circuits. In mainstream economics, as well as in much of the media, financial markets are usually framed as anonymous entities whose workings are based on certain inner laws. This representation of financial markets has been further accentuated since the global financial crisis, and we have been frequently told that “the markets” are nervous, or even lose trust in certain states.
In this lecture series, leading scholars on money and finance from economic geography and cognate disciplines transcend such abstractions and illuminate the practical operations of financial global finance from different theoretical perspectives. Of particular interest are the manifold frontier regions which are incorporated as new fields of accumulation or sites of financial economization into global circuits of finance.” 

I very much enjoyed my visit to Goethe University Frankfurt in mid-December 2016, which was also my first proper visit to Germany.It was a short (3 days) but good trip. My visit coincided with the department’s annual Christmas party and oh my what a party! Good music transcends languages, and such festivity. Amazing. My thanks to Stefan Ouma for arranging the visit, and to Susanne Heeg and Veit Bachmann for the workshop with their graduate students.

MA students at Goethe University Frankfurt
Stimulating conversations with MA students at Department of Human Geography, Goethe University Frankfurt
Lecture at Goethe University Frankfurt, Dec 2016
Lecture at Goethe University Frankfurt, 14 Dec 2016
Hosts at Frankfurt, Dec 2016
With thanks to my hosts, Stefan Ouma (centre), Veit Bachmann (left) and Susanne Heeg (not pictured here).

I even managed to squeeze in a web meeting with the FinGeo executive committee, which had to accommodate people across three continents and multiple time zones. The wonders of technology! Speaking of FinGeo, more updates to come as we prepare for the official launch of our website and upcoming events.

WebEx meeting with FinGeo Executive Committee
Squeezing in a WebEx meeting with FinGeo Executive Committee (Dec 2016)

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