Launch of FinGeo website

FInGeo website

Announcing the official launch of of, the website of the Global Network on Financial Geography (FinGeo)! Do hop over to find out more about how the network was formed, our Working Paper Series, blog, job adverts, a dissertation prize announcement, a calendar of events and much more.

From the FinGeo Executive Committee:
Chair – Dariusz Wójcik (University of Oxford)
Secretary – Martin Sokol (Trinity College Dublin)
Treasurer – David Bassens (Vrije Universiteit Brussel)
Communications Officer – Ewald Engelen (University of Amsterdam)
Deputy Communications Officer – Janelle Knox-Hayes (MIT)
Managing Editor – Manuel Aalbers (KU Leuven)
Deputy Editor – Sabine Dörry (LISER, Luxembourg)
Events Coordinators – Karen Lai (National University of Singapore) and Fenghua Pan (Beijing Normal University)

(Special thanks to our Web Architect at Oxford, Theodor Cojoianu) 


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