Interview in TODAY on Hong Kong 20 years after handover

I was interviewed for a news article regarding Hong Kong's economic performance and future as a financial centre, 20 years after the handover. Its close economic ties to mainland China has been both boon and bane. Hong Kong will need to reinvent itself in the face of growing competition from financial centres on mainland China... Continue Reading →


CNA documantary interview on Lehman Brothers

I was interviewed as part of Channel NewsAsia's "Inside the Storm" documentary series on the failings of global businesses. The last episode (aired on 24 January 2016) was on the fall of Lehman Brothers. The programme can be viewed here. For those who don't want to watch all 46 minutes of the programme, I appear mainly... Continue Reading →

Interview by Channel NewsAsia on POSB bank, 2 Nov 2015

I was recently interviewed by Channel NewsAsia for a news segment on 138 years of POSB Bank. The programme can be viewed here: Insights on the financial consumers and changes in Singapore's banking landscape came out of a research project on financial subject formation and the financialisation of everyday life. Specific remarks were based on this... Continue Reading →

Research project: Tracking the movement of economic geographers into business and management

This is a call for support with a project on the movement of economic geographers into business and management. IN THE BUSINESS OF ECONOMIC GEOGRAPHY: TRACKING THE MOVEMENT OF ECONOMIC GEOGRAPHERS INTO BUSINESS AND MANAGEMENT Project website: Recent years have witnessed a noticeable migration of economic geographers from Departments of Geography (or Geography programmes more broadly... Continue Reading →

GPN Centre website

The Global Production Networks Centre (GPN@NUS) website is now live. Click on the above link to find out more about our work on global production networks and development in Asia and the research team. We are currently working hard to develop the Centre’s core research programme. There will be a launch event on 26 January... Continue Reading →

Forthcoming article in Geography Compass

The Publications page has been updated with a note on a forthcoming article on Geography Compass, titled "New Spatial Logics in Global Cities Research: Networks, Flows and New Political Spaces". A link will be added to the journal website when the article is available online. Abstract: While world cities or global cities research has become an established... Continue Reading →

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